Need a still photo of any area of the exterior or interior of the building? How about the surrounding area? Simply, access the 3D As-Built Walkthrough...

Still Photo Entry

....then, choose the Bubble Icons around the property and enjoy the 360 view of the area.

Enter the 3D As-Built Walkthrough and immerse yourself in the property. Choose the Dollhouse icon on the bottom left. Rotate the Dollhouse...Zoom in....Zoom out. Click on the room you need to review and you will be flown into that location. Take still photos. Zoom out and choose one of the many 360 views we take for the project and take a still photo. All the photos can be easily shared and sent to your Designers, Architects, Engineers, Superintendants or you Client's.

Center Front

360 View - Front Center

Center Back

360 View - Back Center

Front Right Side

360 View - Front Side